Trade Finance

Debtor Discounting:-

Debtor Discounting is a service that covers the financing and collection of account receivables in domestic and international trade. Where we could look at financing your receivables from your buyers. For example; you supply Finish goods to your client, where you generally get payment after 60/ 90 or 120 days. Wherein your working capital gets stuck and hampers your cash flow, we come into such arrangement where you get that credit payment on the spot from our banks/institution and you need to pay them after 60 – 90 or 120 days so that your working capital flows smoothly. This facility is available for all small as well as medium size industries who got credit sales. It is a Non- Coventional product unlike bank facility. No security or NOC to be taken from existing banks.

Ticket Size- Upto Rs. 50 Cr

Purchase Bill Discounting:-

The facility is extended to well-established corporate semi- Corporate & SME for procuring raw materials. IFC can make an arrangement for paying your supplier on the spot and availing the clean (unsecured) credit which you need to pay after 120days. The payment to your supplier will be made by our bank/institution and later would be collected from you. This facility can be arrange over and above of your bank limit and without interruption of any kind of NOC.

Ticket Size- From Rs. 1 Cr- Rs. 185 Cr

L.C./B.G Facility:

Letter of Credit is typically done by all the banks but IFC can involve Unsecured Over and above your LC limit going though your banks, completely unsecured. The company which is doing yearly sales above 1 cr can be eligible for entering into such arrangement.

Ticket Size- up to Rs. 5 Cr

Purchase Limits:

We have an arrangement available, wherein we can arrange to pay your suppliers on your behalf and you can repay the funds after 51 days. We can provide you supplier funding up to 35% of your monthly sales at 10.60%. This limit can be used 7 times in a year and the best part is it will not show as a loan in your balance sheet. It just replaces your creditors.