About us

We at IFC love Coffee. We love starting a conversation with client on coffee and take it to the success dinner as a first milestone and keep repeating such success dinners for years to come.

In a nut shell, WE RAISE FUNDS for COMPANIES, for various sectors- at various stages- for various purpose.

With distinct pleasure we introduce ourselves as “IFC- Icred Finance Capital”, a Fund Syndication & Capital Raising Firm comprising of experienced professionals broadly from banking and financial industry. Since the inception of the company, IFC is catering to the funding requirements of various credible Clients for Capital Raising, Debt Syndication, Private Equity etc.

We work with most trusted and active conglomeration of Private Equity Fund House, NBFC’s, Nationalized Banks, Private Banks, Private Banking Group, Family Offices etc, for Fund Raising.

Our accomplishments depends both on high qualities of services and on professionally managed and reliable business processes. This is the reason why "quality" is our main concern. However, the only way to reach top-notch quality in our business is permanent struggle for quality and engineering of stable procedures. It is impossible to reach high quality standards without striving for flawless operation of processes and projects and this where our expertise lies in.