Debt/ Fund Raising Solution

Corporate Lending/ Senior Secured Debt

We arrange funds between INR 10-100 Cr secured against a varied range of collateral including NA Land, Property, Listed shares, Current & Fixed Assets, Receivables, etc. We arrange funds with elongated tenors and structured repayment to match client cash flows. Locations covered include Western and Southern India and NCR.

Ticket Size- Rs. 10 Cr – Rs. 100 Cr and above

Project Finance:

We have multiple options and sources from where we arrange project finance for establishing new project, project expansion, diversification etc, for almost all the sectors & Industries.

Ticket Size- Rs. 5 Cr and above

Structured Finance

We arrange Structured Finance solutions which is a highly involved financial instrument offered to mid and large companies that have complex financing needs that don't match with conventional financial products.

Ticket Size- Rs. 5 Cr above

Working Capital Funding:

Working capital has always been the specialized loan type​,​ been granted to SME's helping them in meeting operating and capital expenses​ and​​​ is ​a ​periodic and frequent requirement for all size of companies to keep company operations alive and progressing​. ​​Majority of SME's are in need of finance for acquisitions of fixed assets and current assets but in unawareness of financial products available for ​the same, most of them end up raising funds against their potential collateral's in an disadvantages method.

​We arrange working capital solutions to be used at various stages for all the sectors except Real Estate & ​Diamond. ​You can avail working capital limits ​in ​from​ (Cash Credit/ Term Loans/ Letter of Credit / Bank Guarantee / Packing credit).

IFC ​Advantages:​​

  • New Companies, incorporated even less than a month can avail working capital.
  • All calculations done on projections with a jump in sales of more than 500% permissible.
  • Third party collateral accepted.
  • Turn around time for proposals below Rs. ​5 Cr​ is only 15 days.
  • Open NA plot collateral acceptable.
  • ​​
​​Ticket Size- Rs. ​1​ Cr and above​​

Refinance & Enhancement

We help client take over the existing debt/loan from the existing lenders and arrange enhancement or top up of funds from other lender/s to meet the operational requirement of the companies. Also we can help client to have existing Private Equity Investor exit from the board with amicable desired IRR and get another PE investor/fund house with enhancement of funds.

Ticket Size- Rs. 5 Cr and above

Buyout/ Acquisition Funding

We help clients to raise funds for the Buyout or Acquisition of new assets, factories, manufacturing units, commercial entities etc. Also we arrange Land Acquisition funding to reputed builders & developers in Tier 1 cities to start new Residential or Resi-Commercial Project.

Ticket Size- Rs. 10 Cr and above

Last Mile Funding

We help client get funds at project level for construction of commercial and residential properties mainly in the form of last mile financing for near completion properties to be used for finishing of the projects.

Ticket Size- Rs. 15 and above

Loan against Property

We help clients to raise funds against their commercial, residential, Industrial assets to be used for multiple reasons. For builders & developers we can raise funds against their self occupied residential, commercial structures.

Ticket Size- Rs. 2 Cr and above

Promoter Funding/ LAS (Loan Against Shares)

We arrange funding to corporate promoters against their listed shares.

Ticket Size- Rs. 5 Cr & above

Inventory Funding

We arrange funding against unsold ready possession flats to the builders and developers.

Ticket Size- Rs. 5 Cr & above

Lease Rental Discounting

We arrange funding against Pre Leased Commercial properties for Builders & Developers/ Commercial Property Owners etc.

Ticket Size- Rs. 5 Cr & above